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All-Inclusive, Holistic YOGA & MEDITATION RETREATS Designed For You

Refresh your mind, rejuvenate & detox your body, and revitalize your spirit

Reconnect with Nature, Your Health, & Your Inner-Self

“Heart Opening”   “One of the Best Holidays of my life”   “Life changing”


The GURUs / Guides

We bring you TOP worldwide yoga teachers with 30+ years of teaching experiences, the best, the most knowledgable and kind yoga teachers and wellness GURUs that will share with you all their wisdom and guide YOU on your incredible journey in a handpicked breathtaking locations for your ultimate wellbeing experience!

You will Learn and Experience:
Yoga for life, Holi
stic Permaculture 
Divine Touch, energy healing 

Waterfall trip, Eat to live and thrive ,

DIY Natural Cosmetic workshop

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Costa Rica, Cahuita, Caribe

We handpicked for you one of a kind serene location, secluded with unspoiled private beach, so you can regenerate in the heart of the nature. Caribbean side of Costa Rica has miles of breathtaking warm Caribbean sea beaches and thousands of hectares of jungle & so much culture. 

Cahuita has been an undiscovered jewel in Costa Rica with huge selection of all types of restaurants, craft shops, tours, and nightlife. The resort is just a two-minute walk from a serene and private beach, making it an ideal location to unwind and disconnect. 

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All inclusive, Local, Vegetarian Food

Delicious food to nurture Goddess.

All meals are prepared homemade from organic and high-quality fresh products. All food is vegan, vegetarian, delicious.The tropical Caribbean and Costa Rican cuisine: It would be remiss to not mention the incredible food in Costa Rica. The private chef makes everything fresh daily from locally sourced organic ingredients. From world-class vegan pancakes to the bounty of incredible exotic fruits and vegetables, Costa Rica is truly special and unique in its cuisine with influence of Spanish, Caribbean, and  Jamaican.

We have 10+ years of experience organizing TOP Retreats worldwide & bringing YOU only the BEST

Escape to paradise • Travel with purpose • Deepen your practice • Learn New Skills • Reset • Relax


Need a break? In a life transition? Looking for more work/life balance?  Ready to get in your body? Want to connect with yourself, with others, with nature? Invest in yourself & Join people just like you for an intimate, magical and life-changing retreat in paradise. Want to learn the art of Yoga? Get trained from the best yoga and Energy Healing GURUs. Feel the difference in your mind and body. 

Are you ready for some me-time?

It's not just a Yoga retreat, it is a COMPLETE WELLBEING EXPERIENCE. Its unity of Nature, Homemade Food, Yoga, Meditation, Natural Cosmetics, Handmade Furnishing, Culture & Loving Kindness approach. 

Our life-changing retreats are accessible to everyone, including solo travelers, couples and groups. 

Enjoy stunning sunrises, soak up the revitalizing energy of the lush jungle, and embrace the healing power of the ocean, meditations & sunset yoga sessions to develop better spiritual awareness. Attain inner peace through the art of meditation! Learn all the tricks of meditation at complete wellness retreat.

Are you seeking a transformative journey that harmonizes your mind, body, and spirit amidst the lush embrace of nature? Look no further than our Costa Rica Retreats at WithTheGuru! Our holistic retreats in Costa Rica offer a unique blend of yoga, permaculture, energy healing, and spiritual exploration to rejuvenate your soul.

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Click any of the retreat options below to learn more or book now


13 - 19. November

7 Days with GURUs & Wisdom

Learn life-changing skills and elevate your life

Worlds TOP & Authentic GURUs will share life-changing wisdom and skills with you, that will enable you to accelerate your life and connect you to yourself. The retreat will give you some much-needed skills, ideas and tips & tricks to redesign your life, reality towards sustainability and sovereignty. Permaculture, Energy healing, Food & Nutrition, Yoga... This is your time, and you can focus on taking care of your  needs, rejuvenate, reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul, reconnect, regroup, redefine self!


$ 1599


13 - 19. November

7 Days Divine Touch & Yoga

Expand and Reconnect with your own healing power to heal and elevate your life.

The world is changing fast, it's your time to expand and unlock your full potential.

Navkiran and Satya will guide you through a life-changing experience. Feel and experience the healing power of the energy that you all have. A higher dimension of pure love and divine connection! Divine touch is a profound training of transformation in the perspective of life, the relationship with existence, and the personal and collective purpose. 


$ 1599


23 - 29. October 

7 Days Restore The Goddess

Reset and reconnect with the Goddess you are​. Revitalize your body and soul, boost your health and immune system, relax, detox, and de-stress while on this yoga vacation of a lifetime. You will be treated to healthy meals, herbal teas, superfood, and superfruit smoothies. Self healing, personal revolution, yoga, active meditation, breath work, journaling, new moon rituals, soul food, women’s wellness retreats provide your body with emotional release to improve your health mental health


$ 1599




 This beautiful and tropical location is perfect to get away from it all. The hypnotic sounds of the jungle, spectacular star-filled nights and rejuvenating yoga classes will help to calm your mind and feed your soul. The delicious vegan meals will nourish your body and delight your senses. Napping by the oooh so big pool is heavenly. Enjoying meals with so many lovely people from all over was such a great experience. All the yoga teachers were fabulous and the chef works magic with locally sourced fresh and healthy ingredients. Satya leads Kundalini classes which are so wonderful and trully empowering, so much wisdom.

I felt 20 years younger when I left 10 days later. I can’t wait to go back!! 


from Canada

featured in Media & Partners

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Discover the Essence of Costa Rica Retreats

Unveil Your Inner Harmony

Embark on a metaphysical journey as you immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Costa Rica. Our spiritual nature retreats provide the ideal backdrop to reconnect with your inner self and the world around you.

Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Find your zen in the heart of the jungle. Our Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica offers daily sessions amidst the vibrant energy of the rainforest, allowing you to deepen your practice and experience true tranquility.

Costa Rica Permaculture Retreat

Join us in our quest for sustainable living. Our Costa Rica Permaculture Retreat takes you on an eco-friendly journey, teaching you permaculture principles and sustainable living practices.

Costa Rica Energy Healing Retreat

Realign your energy centers with the healing power of Costa Rica. Our Energy Healing Retreat combines the magic of this natural paradise with spiritual practices to restore your vitality.

If you are looking for metaphysical retreats and spiritual retreat vacation, we are your ultimate destination!

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