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Ticon Storay

Community & Permaculture

Born in USA

Ticon ThreeRiver Storay is a visionary leader deeply committed to sustainable living and the power of community.

His life’s work is centered on creating spaces where individuals can connect, grow, and truly thrive together. 

His journey began with a realization that has since guided his every step: true change starts within a community.

His approach is a unique blend of permaculture, holistic wellness, and an understanding of social dynamics, all aimed at fostering environments that are not only sustainable but also nurturing and empowering.

His leadership is rooted in empathy, inclusivity, and a steadfast commitment to the well-being of our community.

He believes in inspiring and mobilizing individuals towards a shared vision, and this has made him not just a leader but a catalyst for positive change.

In a world rife with disconnection, he stand as a reminder of the potential we hold when we come together. He is a firm believer that, collectively, we can create something extraordinary – a place where each person finds belonging, growth, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. This is his mission, passion, and promise.


Personal Solutions, Ask any questions, Be guided

Get in depth and personalized insights and solutions about

Permaculture design, Farm design, Community design, Water & Electricity sustainability,

Nonviolent communication, or Dragon Dreaming manifestation practices directly with Ticon

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Online Program

Art of Sustainable living

Embark on a journey to self sustainability. Explore various topics including permaculture, social dynamics practices, communication techniques, heart centering, community building and water, electricity and shelter sustainable practices and solution models that work.

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