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Kranti Londhe

Yoga & Meditation

Born in India

An extraordinary teacher from the heart of India. Kranti teaches and consults yoga for 3+ decades. Trained from various reputed yoga institutes in India. She teaches different yoga styles like Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Nidra, Restorative, Therapeutical, Couple, Vinyasa, and is also well versed with various yoga therapies (belt & rope, chair). Through her deep knowledge of various types of yoga, she can put a lot of creativity into her classes and design customized, tailored practices for any student and any needs/ limitations. Her profound meditation techniques are life-changing (Kundalini, Osho). 

Apart from her deep knowledge and studying yoga since a young age in school first and then under the guidance many renowned Masters, what stands out in her approach is truthfulness and deep devotion to the art of yoga and gentle feminine and heart-centered approach to the student and joy of bringing happiness and solutions.

Online Program

Yoga for Life & Hapiness

Complete program with best Yoga Classes and practices to enhance quality of life, Theory to overstand self, ur constitutions and elements that we are made of to be able to live balanced and happy life, each day

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Recorded & Live

Keep doing Yoga reguralry with the Best teacher.

Watch at your own pace or join for live classes 1, 2 or 3 x a week from the comfort of your home



Personal Solutions, Ask any questions, Be guided

Extraordinary opportunity to connect directly with GURU Kranti and ask any questions, be guided or get a personal program created to your needs



23-29.October 2023

7 Day Goddess Reset  Retreat  in Tropical Costa Rica

All inclusive, transformational, lifechanging live experience

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