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Marcelino Figueroa

Shaman & Medicine man

Born in Costa Rica, Bribri

Medicine Man & Shaman Abuelo Marcelino Figueroa Lopez is Guardian of the native Bribri traditions, rituals and wisdom. Bribri are native people of Caribbean Costa Rica, Central America.

Elder Awa holds deep wisdom of the native people shared from generation to generation from Master to a chosen student, wisdom of mother nature and the spirit world, he is a medicine man, healer, and his knowledge of medicinal plants and their combinations as well as their use in healing any illnesses of modern man is very profound and deeply rooted in the native Bribri traditions. For him, it's not only that the certain herb is given for a certain misalignment, the timing, permission from spirit, attitude and way to take and give are all part of the deep wisdom and understanding and respect to the plants and mother earth.

Over 40 years of his life he studied with his father and various other Masters art of Death and Dead ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Stones and their power, Healing and medicinal plants, Purification ceremony and traditions and wisdoms of Bribri native people including art of making Usule (ceremonial house), native clothing & much more

Online Program

Shamanic rituals, wisdom

Dive deep into the sacred and magical world of the deep wisdom that has been guarded.

The stories of spirit of the forest and his guardians, shamanic rituals and ceremonies and its guidelines, medicinal plants and its use and combining & more

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Personal Solutions, Ask any questions, Be guided

Extraordinary opportunity to connect directly with Elder Marcelino, to receive guidance of the spirit or suggestion. Seek solution with the medicinal plants and get tailored  plan with the herbs/plants/stones

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Donate to support Marcelino's vission

AWA Marcelino's vission is to perserve BriBri and Shamanic wisdom and deep connection with the spirit of the Earth. He is building local educational center for youths, visitors and locals to receive his teachings and to keep sharing this deep cultural knowledge and wisdom while giving much needed work to the local people of Bribri community.

100% of proceeds go directly to Marcelino.

All earnings from all Marcelino's offerings @ WithTheGURU are as well donated fully to his vission and perservation of this sacred knowledge

If you feel to donate to this beautiful cause, its much appreciated

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