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Holding Hands Up High

We strive for UNITY, in our platform, in our world, in our communities, in our surroundings, with people, animals, plants, Gaia, spirit, with OURSELVES.

and every time we talk to any GURU, their main message is clear:  UNITY


In this section we are featuring other conscious projects and platforms as to support each other in the growth and extend a support to reach more consciousness and unity in the world we consciously create TOGETHER


Platform to UNITE Healers, Gurus, Shamans, Yogis, Medicinal Woman, Priestes & more with people needing healing, support or guidance

Healing starts with You web.jpg

Nomadic Communities

Platform to support creation of communities, providing free open model of community creation and support as well as needed info


Guardianes Del Bosque

NGO supporting and protecting nature and its inhabitants in Costa Rica and worldwide, preserving forests and keeping them pure.

Tree Hugger
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