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Severine Korrina Surya

Woman Empowerment

Born in France

Surya Korrina took it upon herself over 20 years ago to sell all of her belongings, and embark on a spiritual journey. She lived in Maui, Hawaii for 10 years, where she deepened her understanding of natural birth practices and holistic health. During this time, she also gave birth to two sons and began raising them while living off the grid in the jungle. After she began studying and teaching yoga, she traveled with her two young sons to India where she lived for four years. There, she began studying under Mata Amritanandamayi who became her divine mother, and spiritual teacher. Surya has connected spiritually for as long as she can remember, and her life continues to reflect her current state of evolution. 

Surya dedicate her life to guide women to reconnect with their divine sacred & inner wild goddess. The power of manifestation and authenticity by sharing personal experience, as it is believed that is the truest way to understand and assist others. 

Note from Surya: 

Hello awakening woman. I see you as you walk this path of remembering who you are. In fact, I walk by your side as a fellow priestess, diving deep into the ancient mysteries, and embodying the infinite wonder and magic of our true nature. 
Awaken creativity & vital life force. Heal the sacred masculine & feminine. Unlock your unique gifts. Embody your cosmic essence as a living conduit of Spirit. Remember who you are.


13-20 November 2023

7 Day Unleash The Shakti  Retreat  in Tropical Costa Rica

All inclusive, transformational, lifechanging live experience.

Empowering the WOMAN, healing wounds, traumas...


Online Program

Daily Rituals and habits for conscious children

Complete program that offers alternative approach to rising children, by giving them autonomy, responsibility and fulfilment and spiritual reconnection. Honoring their souls and keeping sensitivity to their third eye and heart focused choices and actions



Personal Solutions, Ask any questions, Be guided

Extraordinary opportunity to connect directly with GURU Suria and ask any questions, be guided or get a personal program created to your needs.

Or be supported, empowered and guided




Keep doing Yoga reguralry with this gentle teacher focusing on femine power.

Watch at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Or get a personalized Yoga program designed directly for you.

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